If you have kids, you know it can sometimes be tough to get them to take a bath. To make bathtime more enticing, it helps to have toys that they like to play with and soaps that smell great. Sudsy Dough manages to be both a soap and a toy! We recently had the chance to try it for ourselves in the hopes that we would share our experiences with you.


Sudsy Dough comes in four fun colors/ scents. We received the Bubbly Blueberry, Sassy Strawberry, and Awesome Apple. They also have orange-colored Merry Mango. The scents are quite true to their namesakes… pleasant, fruity, and not overpowering. You get a very generous amount of dough in each container that will last through many baths. Each container also includes a fun little surprise bath toy to add extra fun.


Xander and I played with the dough both inside and outside the tub. The dough is pretty sticky and really clung to our fingers, which made it a bit messy to play with. That didn’t stop our fun! It may be messy, but it is soap… so cleanup is really easy! We could take these creations made outside the bath and let them dry out to make molded soaps in designs of our creations. Xander wanted to keep some for himself and gift some to family. So sweet!

An update from Sudsy Dough: The stickiness is due to the Shea butter and beeswax which adds resiliency when the dough is wet. Drier formulations would get crumbly and dissolve too quickly in the bath. If you’d like to play with Sudsy Dough outside the tub, it helps to let it dry out in the open air for about an hour before you play. 🙂

Playing in the bath is fun too. There is no more fight to get Xander in the tub, because he wants to play with the Sudsy Dough. He most liked to make little turtles and fish so that his new squirter toys had friends to play with. 🙂 He also stuck it to the walls of the tub to write out letters. He also likes the way his creations will melt away as he washes. Now we have trouble getting him out of the bath!


As a parent, I love that he was getting clean as he played with the soap… and even using it in an educational way. He loved the way it felt on his skin and didn’t fight me when I helped him wash up. Sudsy Dough has very mild sudsing agents, so it did a bit of sudsing but not as much as you may be used to with typical soaps. It rinsed off really easily and left his dry skin feeling softer thanks to the natural moisturizers shea butter and beeswax. The fruity scent left him smelling fresh and clean too. Just be careful, because the soap can make the tub a bit slippery. This can honestly be an issue with any soap, though.

Anything that makes kids and parents happy is a big win in my book! It’s also wonderful to support a mom-made, American-made product!

Pros: Fun colors. Yummy scents. Bath, play, and education all in one product! Can be dried for moldable soaps. Easy to clean up.

Cons: Quite sticky.

I received this at a discount in exchange for my opinion. As someone who relies on honest reviews to make purchases, I work hard to provide other consumers with a thorough, truthful, and unbiased opinion of my personal experiences.

Overall Rating




sudsy-dough-logoSudsy Dough™ is a new interactive bath toy that doubles as a moldable scented dough and a cleansing soap! We created this fun sensory soap to make bath time fun for our own daughter. Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make custom-shaped soaps! Sudsy dough shapes will dry to become scented soap shapes when left out in open air. Each ball also has a surprise bath toy hidden inside!