Thank you for your support of Tonya’s Losing It!

thank-you-391055_640I think we can consider Tonya’s Losing It a failed experiment. I re-branded my site based on feedback from sponsors and readers, but it turns out they were more in the minority than I realized. It’s time to go home to It’s good to be going back! I hope you will join the fun!

I will be transferring the posts from here back to Tyrneathem. This will take some time, so if you arrive here via a broken link I urge you to head over to and search for the post. Click the search icon on the upper right of any page to get started.

If you’re coming here from a giveaway or a site other than Tyrneathem & Tonya’s Losing It, could you please let me know which giveaway or page? I’m trying to wrap up loose ends in closing this site. Thank you!


Have a Beautiful Day!